Understanding Fructan's Role in Horse Laminitis

Without an improved understanding of the underlying events leading up to pasture-associated laminitis, controlling this condition remains challenging. Continue reading…

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Watery or Lathered: Differences in Horse Sweat

If you’ve spent time riding or driving horses, especially in heat and humidity, you know well the smell and feel of horse sweat. You may have wondered why sweat appears thin and watery at sometimes, and thick and foamy other times. Continue reading…

Colic in Horses: Preventing Enteroliths

From impactions and displacements to torsions and foreign material, nutrition plays an important role in both preventing and managing painful abdomens. Continue reading…

Bits & Pieces

Grass Sickness in Horses: Degree of Weight Loss and Survival

Vitamin E Supplementation in Horses

Q&A: Adding Weight to an Underweight Horse
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