Understanding Antioxidant Supplements for Horses

To better appreciate how oxygen is both vital and dangerous to a horse’s body and the role antioxidants play in combating “oxidative stress,” take this short, 10-point crash course on understanding antioxidants. Continue reading…

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Horse Weight Loss Requires Diet Changes, Exercise

Although caloric restriction alone can result in weight loss, new data show that dietary changes alone may not be sufficient to reverse metabolic dysregulations that accompany excess body weight. Continue reading…

Colic in Horses: Feeding Recommendations for Resolving Impactions

With neither rhyme nor reason to colic flare-ups, how can owners best feed horses experiencing recurrent impactions of the large intestine to mitigate their discomfort and minimize their frequency? Continue reading…

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Electrolytes and Performance Horses: Is a Salt Block Enough?

Older Horses: Balancing Cushing's and Kidney Disease

Jaw Swelling in Horses: Strangles or Grass Mumps?
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