Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Horses

The term “inflammatory bowel disease,” or IBD, refers to a cluster of conditions resulting in inflammation of the intestine and thickened intestinal walls. Continue reading…

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Not All Obese Horses Have Insulin Resistance

According to a research team, simply being overweight does not necessarily mean horses are resistant to the effects of insulin, the key hormone involved in controlling blood sugar levels. Continue reading…

Testing Horses for Tapeworms: New Research

Standard testing methods for internal parasites, such as fecal egg count methods, are unreliable for tapeworm infections. Researchers suggest a new salivary test could be used to detect tapeworm burdens in horses. Continue reading…

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Home Sweet Home: A Potential Source of Equine Parasites

Vitamin K and Insulin Resistance in Horses

Manure-Eating in Adult Horses
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