Feeding Overweight Horses: Drylot Management

Full-out access to good-quality pasture sets the stage for obesity in many horse and ponies, especially easy keepers, and can spell serious trouble for those predisposed to laminitis. A drylot is one management tool that helps keep weight in check. Continue reading…

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Q&A: Accelerating Weight Gain in a Performance Horse

I need to step up the weight-gain program for my thin Thoroughbred mare without making her more excitable. Can you help? Continue reading…

Prebiotics and Probiotics for Horses: Beneficial or Benign?

Manufacturers of prebiotics and probiotics suggest that these supplements benefit horses by maintaining or restoring the health of the bacteria, parasites, fungi, and yeast that make up the equine intestinal microbiome. But does science support the use of these in horses? Continue reading…

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Nutritional Help for a Cough

New Research on Probiotic Supplements for Performance Horses

Feeding Draft Horses: Balanced Nutrition Is the Goal
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