Feeding the Lean Lactating Mare at Weaning

The period just after weaning offers a great time to recalibrate body condition and prepare a lactating mare for the upcoming challenge of another pregnancy and lactation. Continue reading…

Since terms like “fat” and “thin” mean different things to different horse owners, it is helpful to use a standardized body condition score chart to assess your horse’s weight. Download our free BCS chart.

Fresh-Baled Hay for Horses

Can freshly baled hay be fed to horses immediately, or must there be a curing period following baling and before feeding? Continue reading…

Calming Horses: Recent Tryptophan Research

In a recent study, researchers attempted to show that tryptophan is a safe and effective calming agent in horses. Tryptophan thwarted the researchers, however, showing no calming effect. Continue reading…

Bits & Pieces

Anhidrosis in Horses May Have Genetic Component

New Research on Lyme Disease in Horses

Feeding Horses Grain from the Ground
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