Laminitis, Insulin Resistance, Equine Metabolic Syndrome: Fast Facts

A group of researchers reviewed available literature to help owners and veterinarians better understand insulin resistance, what role it plays in equine metabolic syndrome and the development of laminitis, and how these conditions impact the overall health of your horse. Continue reading…

Is your horse too skinny? Too fat? Too hot? Too dull? Consult a KER nutrition advisor today!

Successful Weaning of Foals: Keep Them Eating

Weaning a foal is often accompanied by nonstop whinnying, stall- or fence-walking and, worst of all, an unwillingness to eat. Though interest in feed usually returns once the foal has settled, owners can ready a foal for weaning by following a few management strategies. Continue reading…

Heartburn in Horses: A Performance Problem?

Veterinarians once thought that bacterial infection due to inhaled particles was the cause of arytenoid chondritis, or inflammation of the arytenoid cartilages, but a new study suggests otherwise. Continue reading…

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Horsekeeping Tips: Keep Waterers Clean for Horse Health

Causes of Death in Older Horses Examined

Forage Quality for Young Horses
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