Study: Ulcers in Weanling Horses

According to a recent study, the belief that feeding alfalfa to horses and weanlings helps protect their delicate stomachs from ulceration might warrant a closer look. Continue reading…

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Weight Loss in Horses: Add Exercise to the Equation

Researchers recently suggested a dynamic feeding system that requires horses to walk to access their forage ration, encouraging prolonged, low-intensity exercise in an unsupervised manner. Continue reading…

Feed Horses by Weight, Not Volume

Feeding by weight according to the manufacturer’s suggestions will help provide horses with optimal nutrition. Break out a scale and weigh your horse’s meals. You might be surprised how much you’re actually feeding! Continue reading…

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Horse Feeding: Is Your Supplement Strategy Safe?

Oleander: Avoidable Cause of Colic and Death in Horses

Beardless Wheat Hay for Horses
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