Feeding Horses for Weight Gain

A full measure of patience comes in handy when looking for ways to best nourish skinny horses. Tick off this to-do list to make sure you’re doing everything you can from a nutritional perspective. Continue reading…

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Joint Products for Horses: Follow Directions for Safety

According to researchers, using a non-FDA-approved joint product off-label not only appears to have no benefit but may also actually be harmful. Continue reading…

Research Highlight: Chronic Lasix Administration in Horses

Chronic furosemide administration affects a horse’s sodium nutrition. While horses in a recent study were able to compensate for their sodium losses, the authors advised owners of competitive horses on chronic furosemide that they may not be able to meet their needs acutely. Continue reading…

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Vitamin K Supplementation and Neonatal Foals

What Are the Effects of Carbohydrate Intake on Heart Rate Variability in Horses?

Nutrition Help for Chronic Dermatitis
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