Dental Issues and Weight Gain in Aged Horses

The diagnosis of dental issues can make formulating a nutrition plan for horses difficult, but the goal of weight gain starts with a single premise: increase digestible energy needs to be greater than energy expenditure. Continue reading…

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New Options for Horses with Stomach Ulcers

In a recent study, horses were offered omeprazole in gastro-resistant granules rather than a paste under the impression that different formulations might work better in the gastric region, as previous studies have shown. Continue reading…

Early-Weaned Foal: Nutrition Consultation

A concerned horsewoman called Kentucky Equine Research (KER) about an unhealthy three-month-old foal. She followed the recommendations of both the veterinarian and the nutrition advisors at KER, and the colt made a complete turnaround. Continue reading…

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Equine Communication and Behavior

Diet Help for Unhealthy Horse Hooves

Add Fat for Weight Gain, Coat Condition in Horses
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