Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy in Warmblood Horses

Warmbloods are rarely diagnosed with Type 1 PSSM, but when they are, the clinical signs of tying-up are similar to non-Warmblood horses. Warmbloods with Type 2 PSSM are less likely to tie-up and more likely to have an abnormal gait. Continue reading…

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Use of Recovery Supplements in Horses

Although most equine athletes will quickly recover after exercise, many owners elect to expedite the process through nutrition and nutritional supplements. Continue reading…

Temperature Swings and Colic in Horses

Horses are notorious for colicking when the climate changes and temperature swings occur, but horse owners can minimize this through simple management strategies. Continue reading…

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Fish Oil Supplements for Mares May Benefit Foals

Grinding or Cracking Corn: Does It Affect Digestibility by Horses?

Oversupplementation in Horses
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