Supplements for Facilitating Weight Loss in Horses

Obesity remains one of the most important health and welfare issues facing horses living in developed nations. Yes, increased exercise combined with dietary restriction plays an important role in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, but what else can we do to help? Continue reading…

Practice makes perfect when it comes to body condition scoring horses. Download our free BCS chart today!

Is Your Horse Getting Enough Vitamin D?

A new study highlights the potential role of vitamin D in preventing illness. Horses obtain vitamin D from both their diet and the sun, using ultraviolet rays to produce vitamin D in the skin. Continue reading…

Weaning Foals: Nutritional Strategies

The likelihood of developmental orthopedic disorders, such as osteochondritis dissecans, increases if weanlings aren’t fed properly during this transition period. Continue reading…

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Snow Is No Substitute for Water for Horses

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Best Horse Feed: Plain Oats or Fortified Feed?
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