New Laminitis Research in Horses

After reviewing the medical records of more than 400 horses treated with prednisolone, researchers concluded the glucocorticoid's bad rap as a trigger of laminitis is likely unfounded. Continue reading…

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Outlook: Cinnamon for Equine Health?

While recent human studies suggest potential health benefits of cinnamon, little controlled research on horses has been conducted. Because of this, there is no clear directive about if and how much cinnamon to give horses and in what form. Continue reading…

Ideal Salt Levels for Horses Examined

A recent review questions traditional views on salt supplementation for horses, suggesting that just a dab will do. Continue reading…

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Managing Body Condition of Horses in Herds

Broodmare Nutrition: Fescue Hay

Fertilizer Use Impacts Forage Preference Among Horses
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