Fish Oils and Omega-3s: Source Matters

The benefits of omega-3 supplementation are becoming increasingly clear, thus skyrocketing the popularity of products containing long-chain fatty acids. Is there a difference between omega-3 sources, or are all omega-3s created equally? Continue reading…

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Polyphenols in Horse Diets

Instead of reaching for peppermints as treats, consider brightly colored fruits, vegetables, and even berries so horses reap the rewards of a class of compounds called polyphenols. Continue reading…

Arena Dust May Impact Lung Health of Horses

The role of stabling and dust particles in various types of barns has been widely studied as a factor in equine asthma. Recently, researchers evaluated air quality and dust particle concentration in indoor riding rings. Continue reading…

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Equine Osteoarthritis: Is Lubricin the Cure?

Hoof Care and the Emaciated Horse

Vitamin E for Traveling Equine Athletes
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