Factors Affecting Nutrient Delivery in the Horse

The feedstuffs you offer your horse pass through a long, windy route from mouth to rectum. Along the way, several factors can affect the ability of a horse to absorb nutrients from the diet, not all of which are disease-related. Continue reading…

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Mare Care: Improve Colostrum Quality

High-quality colostrum nourishes foals and protects them from disease-causing pathogens, while colostrum of lesser quality can leave a foal ill-equipped to handle pathogenic assaults. How can owners ensure their mares produce top-of-the-line colostrum?  Continue reading…

Fighting Allergies in Horses: Therapeutic Proteins

Allergy treatments for horses vary depending on the underlying cause, severity, and owner preference. The most popular option is to avoid the trigger, but a group of researchers recently tested a more novel treatment to reduce allergic sensitivity. Continue reading…

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What Happens to the Skeleton During Early Training of Racehorses?

Cow Hay for Horses

Five Facts: Equine Herpesvirus-1
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