Treating Joint Pain in Horses

Direct administration of anti-inflammatory corticosteroid drugs into joints to provide relief from discomfort remains a common practice in many sectors of the equine industry, but evidence exists they can potentially damage articular cartilage, rather than protect it. Continue reading…

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Forage Shortages and Weed Toxicity in Horses

Though they generally seek out nutritious, palatable plants, horses are inquisitive and will sample an array of vegetation if available, some of which is less than wholesome and maybe toxic. Continue reading…

Bleeding: How It Affects Race-Day Performance in Horses

A group of researchers set out to determine if exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage is associated with race-day performance. Continue reading…

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Ascarids: Parasites in Young Horses and Treatment Plans

Phytoestrogens in Mare Diets

Exploring Esomeprazole for Equine Gastric Ulcers
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