Improving Intestinal Motility in Horses

Any alteration in the proper functioning of the equine gastrointestinal tract can quickly become life-threatening, so it is important to ensure this system runs smoothly. Continue reading…

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Laminitis in Pregnant Broodmares

If you think that a horse with laminitis is bad news, consider a heavily pregnant mare suffering from the same bout of laminitis. Suddenly the ante increases dramatically because two lives are now at stake and the clock is ticking. Continue reading…

Weight Loss in Senior Horses: A Pain in the Mouth?

A generalized decrease of enthusiasm for eating in older horses compared to their younger counterparts combined with some potential sources of chronic pain can potentially lead to weight loss. Continue reading…

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Keeping Horses Free of Gastric Ulcers

Poverty Line: A Peculiar Term for Thin-Horse Anatomy

Six Steps to Feeding a Pregnant Mare
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