Transferring Immunity: Mare Colostrum Studied

When horse owners hear the word “colostrum,” many think of the immunity-building, infection-fighting immunoglobulin G—a protein found in the mare’s first milk. According to a recent study, however, colostrum has several elements that benefit foals. Continue reading…

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Understanding Supporting Limb Laminitis in Horses

Veterinary researchers devoted to laminitis research know well the effects of the disease, which explains their interest in developing new ways to study laminitis, especially supporting limb laminitis, to ultimately improve treatment options and survival rates. Continue reading…

New Research: Semen Composition in Stallions

According to a recent study, stallions can alter the composition of their semen to optimize “ejaculate economics.” Continue reading…

Bits & Pieces

Five Tips for Avoiding Pasture-Associated Laminitis in Horses

Diet Advice for Insulin Dysregulation

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Beneficial to Joint Health
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