Overweight Horses: How Much Hay Is Too Little?

When it comes to overweight horses and hay, horse owners know too much is not helpful, but how much is too little? Continue reading…

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Sleep Requirements of Horses

In horses managed in herd situations, a variety of factors impact which horses lie down and for how long, potentially limiting the availability of the much-needed shut-eye. Continue reading…

Sourcing Supplements for Horses with Gastric Ulcers

A group of equine veterinary researchers suggested several reasons why should you look to nutritional supplements and natural products to help prevent or manage equine gastric ulcer syndrome in horses. Continue reading…

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Maximizing Benefits of Inhaled Medications for Horses

Can High-Fat or Low-Starch Diets Minimize Muscle Cramping in Horses?

Feeding Guidance for Mare with HYPP and PSSM
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