Understanding Joint Disease in Horses

The best way to prevent equine osteoarthritis is to arm yourself with a clear understanding of the normal structure of joints and factors contributing to joint disease. Continue reading…

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Microbiota of the Neonatal Foal

The microbiota, or population of beneficial microorganisms such as bacteria and protozoa, plays a major role in the proper function of the immune system and will serve to protect the foal from harmful pathogens as it matures. Continue reading…

Stallion Health: Dual-Hemisphere Breeding

Stallions work hard to fulfill their breeding duties each year, with some popular Thoroughbreds covering almost 200 mares in a single season. When those stallions become so-called “shuttle stallions,” does their success rate remain constant, or are they overworked? Continue reading…

Bits & Pieces

Hyperparathyroidism in Ponies

Horse Health: Vaccination Woes

Fat Pads in Horses
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