Choose Natural Vitamin E for Horses

A recent study suggested that natural vitamin E may be superior to synthetic versions in mitigating oxidative and muscle cell damage in exercising horses compared to the synthetic version. Continue reading…

Is your horse too skinny? Too fat? Too hot? Too dull? Consult with a KER nutrition advisor today!

Seasonality May Affect Semen Quality in Stallions

One research group recently questioned whether factors such as ambient temperature contribute to alterations in stallion fertility and semen quality observed from season to season.  Continue reading…

Electrolytes and Performance Horses: Is a Salt Block Enough?

For certain performance horses, would free-choice access to a white or mineralized salt block negate the need for a daily electrolyte supplementation? Continue reading…

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Research Update: Diarrhea in Young Foals

Improving Horse Hooves: Four Tips

Q&A: Slobbers in Horses
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