Is Your Horse Overweight?

Obesity is a major health concern for horses. Not only are there many horses carrying excess weight, but it turns out that most horse owners are unable to consistently identify equine obesity. Continue reading…

Practice makes perfect when it comes to body condition scoring horses. Download our free BCS chart today!

Drinking Behavior of Horses: Six Facts About Water Intake

As horse owners, we know well the importance of providing horses with water. Consider these six facts about water the next time you’re scrubbing buckets or waiting for the trough to fill. Continue reading…

Anhidrosis in Horses and Electrolyte Therapy

Occasionally, and often inexplicably, a horse will lose its ability to sweat, a condition known as anhidrosis. As with humans, sweating among horses is key to thermoregulation, so anhidrotic horses pose significant challenges for their owners. Continue reading…

Bits & Pieces

Research Update: Diarrhea in Young Foals

Sunflower Seeds for Horses: Are They Safe?

Buying Hay for Horses: How Much?
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