High-Fat, High-Fiber Diets May Help Horses with Insulin Dysregulation

One research team found that a muesli-based diet, high in both fat and fiber, did not result in increased glucose or insulin blood levels after being fed with hay. In contrast, horses fed an oat-based diet high in starch had significantly higher blood glucose and insulin levels. Continue reading…

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Fructans in Equine Diets: Fermentation Studied

Equine nutritionists and researchers know fructans should be fermented exclusively in the hindgut—the cecum and colon. New research, however, shows that the breakdown, but not necessarily the digestion, of fructans can actually start in the stomach depending on the type of forage a horse is offered. Continue reading…

Monitoring Horse Health in Hot Weather

A recent study examined additional benefits of real-time body temperature measurements in exercising horses. Continue reading…

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