New Approach to Equine Asthma: Nebulization and Fatty Acids

One group of researchers suggested that nebulization of standard injectable formulations of dexamethasone sodium phosphate could serve as an economical, safe, and effective alternative to commercial inhaled corticosteroids for managing equine asthma. Continue reading…

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New Test Distinguishes Equine Neurological Disease from Lameness

Considering that many diagnostic tools used to identify a neurological condition in horses are either invasive or costly, one group of researchers found a better option: phosphorylated neurofilament H. Continue reading…

Assisted Reproductive Technologies Safe in Horses

Despite being used in the equine industry for decades, concerns surrounding the safety of assisted reproductive therapies (ARTs), such as embryo transfer, persist. According to a recent study, however, horses seem relatively immune to the negative impacts of ART compared to other species. Continue reading…

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Performance Horse Fatigue

Tooth Problems in Older Horses

Barnyard Chemistry: pH and the Equine Digestive Tract
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