Improving Allergy Testing for Itchy Horses

Horses with unrelenting allergies and atopic dermatitis can itch so severely they lose hair from intense scratching, developing crusts, skin loss, redness, and hives on any part of the body including the face, ears, belly, and legs. In fact, a horse’s ability to work and general behavior can also change due to profound discomfort. Continue reading…

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Liver Health in Horses: Dietary Fat and Exercise

In some horses, metabolism of carbohydrates contributes to severe muscle cramping during exercise. Switching to a diet with a lower percentage of starch and a greater percentage of fat relieves muscle problems in many horses. Continue reading…

Hypoxic Training Improves Fitness in Horses

If you feel your horse’s training has reached a plateau but you’re not competing at the level you hoped to, new research supports the theory that hypoxic training can help improve fitness. Continue reading…

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Pasture-Associated Respiratory Disease in Horses

Five Reasons to Feed Stabilized Rice Bran to Horses

Thyroid Enlargement and Weight Loss in Aged Horses
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