A New Way to Diagnose Joint Infection in Horses

According to a recent study, measuring serum amyloid A values in blood can help diagnose joint infections so early treatment may improve outcomes. Continue reading…

Nutritional Management of Metabolic Diseases covers the most common metabolic problems diagnosed in horses and ponies. Download it here!

Acupuncture, Biotin for Laminitic Horses

One recent study further explored the benefits of acupuncture for this leading cause of pain and loss of life in horses. Continue reading…

Use of Fetal Stem Cells in Equine Rehabilitation

In human medicine, many parents elect to “bank” stem cells from fetal tissues at the time of birth. Still not as popular in the equine industry, one recent study shows that stem cells derived from fetal tissues rather than an older horse’s own bone marrow or adipose tissue might, in fact, be more effective when treating an injury. Continue reading…

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When It's Time to Change a Horse's Feed

Pinpointing Protein Levels for Middle-Aged Horses

Unshod Horses Inflict Less Damage When Kicking Horses, Humans
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