Electrolytes and Muscle Function: What's the Connection?

A horse‚Äôs sweat is heavily concentrated with electrolytes. For this reason, heavily sweating horses lose substantial amounts of electrolytes during prolonged exercise. If losses are great enough, a disruption in the balance of electrical charge both inside and outside of a muscle cell can upset normal contraction and relaxation processes. Continue reading…

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Managing Horse Herds for Maximizing Welfare

If we all had acres of land, then the dilemma of how and when to turn horses out might be less of an issue. For many of us, limited pasture causes concern when providing turnout. Continue reading…

Do Blanketed Horses Get Enough Vitamin D?

Horses derive vitamin D through the feedstuffs they ingest, but horses can also synthesize vitamin D when their skin is exposed to sunlight. Continue reading…

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Diagnosing Equine Tapeworms Using Saliva

Feeding Aged Horses with Cushing's and Loose Manure

Feeding Horses Before Exercise: What to Feed and When?
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