Add Fat for Weight Gain, Coat Condition in Horses

Despite its scarcity in a horse’s natural diet of forage, fat has proven to be a useful additive in equine rations for two primary reasons: to bump up energy and to boost coat condition. Continue reading…

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Impact of Weight Loss on the Equine Microbiome

Realizing the importance of intestinal microbiome stability in horses, one group of researchers recently assessed the impact of a “diet” on the population of microbes in the large intestine. Continue reading…

Protecting Horses from Seasonal Pasture Myopathy

After many years of work, researchers pinpointed hypoglycin A toxicity as the underlying cause of atypical myopathy. The next step in understanding this devastating disease involves identifying factors that can help predict an affected horse’s chance of survival so owners can make informed, appropriate treatment and management decisions. Continue reading…

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Off-Season Hoof Care for Horses

Horses Overcome Eye Removal Well

Lower Airway Disease and Omega-3s
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