Vitamin E in Horse Hay

For horses that have access to plentiful amounts of fresh green forage, additional vitamin supplementation is often unnecessary. Shortly after harvesting, however, the amount of vitamins A and E decreases significantly in hay and hay products. Continue reading…

Practice makes perfect when it comes to body condition scoring horses. Download our free BCS chart today!

Assessing Stress in Horses: Fecal Cortisol Levels

Recognizing the importance of measuring equine stress, and therefore welfare, one research group sought to improve understanding of chronic stress on horses. Continue reading…

Reversing Asthma-Related Changes in Horse's Lungs

Inhaled corticosteroid anti-inflammatory drugs such as fluticasone and β2-agonists help horses during asthmatic flare-ups. According to a recent study, not only do these medications help with asthma, they also help reverse the detrimental changes in the actual structure of the airways. Continue reading…

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Perceptions and Reality of Horse Care

Portable Device Helps Diagnose, Monitor Equine Neuromuscular Diseases

Nutritional Support for Nerve Regeneration
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