Bedding, Diet Impact Equine Asthma: What Can You Do?

Horses maintained primarily outdoors generally have healthier airways and a lower incidence of asthma than those kept predominantly in stables. When faced with stabling, what bedding best minimizes damage to respiratory tissues? Continue reading…

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Beating Botulism in Horses

Botulism, the bad boy of the equine toxin world, can kill horses and foals swiftly. Review this list to learn how to prevent botulism and safeguard your steeds. Continue reading…

Muscle Repair in Horses Declines with Age

With age, the functions of cells that play vital roles during the muscle repair process are diminished and as a result, are less capable of the cross-talk required for repair. Continue reading…

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Poor Appetite and Loose Manure: Hindgut Problem?
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