Bone Bruises in Young Equine Athletes

Horses engaged in athletic pursuits are at risk for skeletal damage. Bucked shins, bone chips, and fractures are commonplace in the world of high-performance horses, but other problems, like bone bruises, are less ordinary. Continue reading…

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Role of Vitamin E in Equine Nerve and Muscle Health

Vitamin E plays an important role in muscle and nerve function, which likely explains why the nutrient is commonly fed to performance horses. Continue reading…

Six Steps to Feeding a Pregnant Mare

Providing adequate nutrition for the mare as she transitions from one trimester to the next need not be difficult. Use the following six guidelines to stay on track, helping to ensure the delivery of a healthy, nutritionally robust foal. Continue reading…

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Horses and Asthma: An Overview

Feeding Underweight Weanlings

Nutritional Support for Poor Hooves
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