Mineral Supplementation in Horses

A group of researchers conducted an experiment to confirm a hypothesis that decreased macromineral intake would improve utilization of trace minerals such as copper, zinc, and selenium. Continue reading…

Nutritional Management of Metabolic Diseases covers the most common metabolic problems diagnosed in horses and ponies. Download it here!

Shelters for Horses: Why They Might Not Use Them

According to a recent review horses do seek out shade; however, they simply have different behaviors and physiologies than humans that could make shade a comfort resource rather than an absolute care requirement. Continue reading…

Administering Furosemide to Racehorses

According to a recent study, timing of furosemide administration greatly impacts efficacy of furosemide and therefore athletic performance. Continue reading…

Bits & Pieces

Corn Oil for Horses: Omega-3s and Omega-6s

Open Wide: Keeping Your Horse's Mouth Healthy

Using Plain Oats to Fuel Performance Horses
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