Intra-articular Corticosteroids and Equine Joint Health

Used to treat joint inflammation and pain through intra-articular administration, equine experts suggest that isoflupredone acetate may actually exert beneficial effects long after it can be detected in the blood. Continue reading…

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Horse Management Practices: Room for Improvement

Is providing only the basics enough, or do we owe our equine companions more? Considering the lifestyle of a “free and feral” horse, equine behaviorists suggest that many domesticated horses do not receive the care they require. Continue reading…

Stall Vices Linked to Digestive Discomfort in Horses

The shift from migratory foraging to stationary meal-eating can cause disturbances in health and behavior. Continue reading…

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Cold Weather Weaning Practices Impact Foal Health

Pasture and Hay for Skinny Horses

Hay Intake and Stalled Horses
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