Consider Omega-3s for Eye Problems in Horses

It is well-known that horses benefit from fish oil supplementation, and new research shows that pain stemming from the cornea can also be improved with nutritional supplements containing omega-3s. Continue reading…

Nutritional Management of Metabolic Diseases covers the most common metabolic problems diagnosed in horses and ponies. Download it here!

Diagnosing and Managing Equine Cushing's Disease

Pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID), or equine Cushing’s disease, remains challenging to diagnose and according to the latest recommendations of the PPID Working Group, only two tests are recommended for diagnosis of the disease, depending on its severity. Continue reading…

Sliding While Standing May Contribute to Osteochondrosis in Foals

New research suggests limb-sliding while attempting to stand may contribute to the development of osteochondrosis, an orthopedic disease of young horses characterized by abnormal cartilage formation. Continue reading…

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What Foals Eat When: The First Days, Weeks, Months

New Sources of Equine Stem Cells Explored

Consider Carbs for More Energy Under Saddle
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