Domestication of Horses Alters Intestinal Microbiome

One recent study reported that domestication altered the horse's intestinal microbiome. Researchers believe that domestication resulted in major alterations in both lifestyle and diet that are now potentially harmful to horses. Continue reading…

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Factors Impacting Stallion Sperm Analysis

Laboratories dedicated to evaluating stallion sperm often use different staining methods to microscopically evaluate the structure of sperm cells. A recent study, however, shows that staining method and evaluator experience could impact the evaluator’s impression of sample quality, potentially resulting inaccurate evaluations. Continue reading…

Add Vitamin E to High-Fat Horse Diets

Nutritionists typically recommended that an antioxidant be supplemented when a diet is high in fat, especially vegetable oil. Studies suggest that there may be advantages to offering vitamin E. Continue reading…

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Feeding Horses Electrolytes in Cold Weather

Gestational Diabetes in Mares: What's the Skinny?

Alfalfa and Endurance Horses
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